GiuliaGiulia is an Interior Designer specializing in residential projects who has a passion for cooking, and a love for keeping Traditional Family Recipes alive.

Giulia’s parents come from a small village in the South of Italy, called Figline, Calabria. Her relatives still own the bakery with the wood burning ovens that supply the bread daily in Calabria. She was raised with all the wonderful traditions her parents were brought up with. Every season, holiday and occasion had its own special recipes. At certain times of the year it was customary to make tomato sauce in batches of 100s, harvesting mushrooms by the bushels and bread-making which the whole family was expected to take part in. Giulia is all about Italian tradition.

Mangia e Scappa is a definite stop to place your orders for authentic, homemade breads, pizzas, lasagnas and many other tasty dishes! Our goal is to help families with busy lifestyles, enjoy healthy, fresh, Italian food.


  • Chef Alessandro and his wife Piergienna have worked side by side on making Mangia e Scappa what it is, from it’s beginning.
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