My wife and I had dinner in this restaurant March 30th, 2018 and it knocked our socks off! We were wowed by the food, the service and the owner! We have finally found an Italian restaurant that we will dine at often. The food is as authentic as it is in Italy! We know this as we were in Italy this past summer and ate at some very fine restaurants. Mangia e Scappa is as good or better than the wonderful restaurants we dined at during our trip! We were also thrilled to discover the Market Place attached to the restaurant that is full of excellent Italian food products flown in from from Italy. We purchase fresh burata cheese flown in today, directly from Rome, along with pasta made on the premises. If you want a taste of Italy along with a real Italian environment, without spending a bundle of money on a plane ticket, be sure to dine at Mangia e Scappa. I know you will be delighted!