ITALY 2.0 – An Unforgettable Dining Experience!

My wife and I had dinner in this restaurant March 30th, 2018 and it knocked our socks off! We were wowed by the food, the service and the owner! We have finally found an Italian restaurant that we will dine at often. The food is as authentic as it is in Italy! We know this as we were in Italy this past summer and ate at some very fine restaurants. Mangia e Scappa is as good or better than the wonderful restaurants we dined at during our trip! We were also thrilled to discover the Market Place attached to the restaurant that is full of excellent Italian food products flown in from from Italy. We purchase fresh burata cheese flown in today, directly from Rome, along with pasta made on the premises. If you want a taste of Italy along with a real Italian environment, without spending a bundle of money on a plane ticket, be sure to dine at Mangia e Scappa. I know you will be delighted!


“experience a small town Italian restaurant without the cost of a flight.”

If I had never been to Italy, I would have never known how hard Mangia e Scappa works to bring us an authentic Italian experience. No, it’s not Panago, and no, it’s not Olive Garden. And thank god for that. Because what it is instead is a real trattoria—simple, local, casual, authentic. The pizzas are not covered with with cheap mozzarella and dozens of toppings, but are wood fire grilled and thin crusted with a tinge of charcoal on the edges and a selection of toppings you would only find in Rome—artichokes, prosciutto, pesto. The bread and pasta are made in-house, and the atmosphere is family style and casual. Is it a five star restaurant? No. Does it have a famous chef? No. Because, as it is in Italy, none of that matters. What they are trying to do here is to share a tiny piece of Italy, a friendly, modest neighbourhood gathering spot offering recipes and favourites passed down for generations. My advice to you? Sit back, order a bottle of wine, people watch, eat slow, bring your family. Don’t overthink it. Don’t rush. Mangia e Scappa is your chance to experience a small town Italian restaurant without the cost of a flight.


“…eaten every pizza on the menu!!”

my husband and I have eaten here so many times I’ve lost track! eaten every pizza on the menu!! My husband says their Bolognese sauce is up there with the best he’s ever had! the owner and staff are so friendly and helpful. You can get a really great Latte with you food and finish off your meal with a in house made dessert! my favorite is their Tiramisu. they also have a shop where you can get imported cheeses, sauces, olive oils etc and on the weekend they have someone in the shop making fresh pasta for you to watch, buy and enjoy!

Visited July 2016

“…true Italian cuisine…”

It sounds like anybody who is disappointed with this place is expecting an American style overly stuffed pizza, well this place is the real deal when it comes to true Italian cuisine. They use an incredible Italian flour that doesn’t make your stomach ache like a regular gluten-full crusts would. Quality and unique ingredients tastefully chosen. Loved every bite!

Visited January 2017

“…the best tenderloin they’d ever eaten…”

Was there for Dine-Out Vancouver. Meal were fantastic and worth more than the $40/per price! Took along foodie relatives who claimed it the best tenderloin they’d ever eaten. All the sauces were incredible. The swordfish was juicy and and very unique tasty combination of flavours. And the desserts…! I can’t recall what any of our items were called (all italian names), but just big hits of flavour! The coffee was right on too. Our waitress was very helpful and chatty. All the courses were new to us, as I’ve not done much Italian outside of pastas and pizzas, and it was solid experience. Atmosphere was relaxed and easy for conversation.

Visited February 2017

“Very impressed”

Went for dinner with 3 other ladies and we were all very impressed with our meals & the ambiance of this restaurant. This is truly an excellent “real” Italian food restaurant. We were a little skeptical as a couple of us read the reviews beforehand and some were not good at all. I had the special, a salmon linguini, it was delicious! One had the hot sausage & Gonnochi which she loved ( I had a taste & it was yummy). The other two girls had the oven baked thin crusted pizzas & they said they were excellent too. Portion size-pizzas a whole Med size pizza (both took leftovers home) the two pasta meals were generous portions, we were stuffed after. The waitress was great and gave us lots of time (as we were yakking so much) to order etc. Definitely recommend & will return.

Visited February 2017